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the dodge charger (b-body) is a mid-size automobile that was produced by dodge from 1966 to 1978, and was based on the chrysler b platform.

during the early-1960s, automakers were exploring new ideas in the personal luxury and specialty car segments. chrysler, fast to enter the specialty car market, selected their dodge division to enter the marketplace with a bigger model to fit between the "pony car" ford mustang and the "personal luxury" ford thunderbird. the intention was to use the mid-size b-body for a sporty car with fastback look while sharing as much of their existing hardware as possible.

the fastback charger was introduced in mid-season of the 1966 model year "in retaliation to the amc marlin, ford mustang, and plymouth barracuda", but even though based on the existing coronet, "it was style-wise a complete departure from the dodge's mainstream cars." the 1965 rambler marlin, along with the dodge charger that arrived during the 1966 model year, were "the two cars set the standard for radical fastback design in american mid-size automobiles." according to richard m. langworth, "because it was an intermediate like the rambler marlin, the charger could have been an aesthetic disaster, but long side windows prevented its sweeping roof from looking too heavy."

burt bouwkamp, chief engineer for dodge during the 1960s and one of the men behind the dodge charger, related his experience during a speech in july 2004.

lynn townsend was at odds with the dodge dealers and wanted to do something to please them. so in 1965 he asked me to come to his office - for the second time. he noted that one of the dodge dealer council requests was for a barracuda type vehicle. the overall dealer product recommendation theme was the same - we want what plymouth has. the specific request for a mustang type vehicle was not as controversial to lynn. his direction to me was to give them a specialty car but he said 'for god's sake don't make it a derivative of the barracuda': i.e. don't make it a barracuda competitor.

so the 1966 charger was born.

"we built a charger 'idea' car which we displayed at auto shows in 1965 to stimulate market interest in the concept. it was the approved design but we told the press and auto show attendees that it was just an "idea" and that we would build it if they liked it. it was pre-ordained that they would like it.

manufacturerdodge (chrysler)
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