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the jaguar xk (xk, xk8 and xkr) is a two door grand touring two-seater manufactured and marketed by jaguar cars from 1996-2014 in coupé and convertible bodystyles, across two generations. the xk was introduced at the geneva motor show in march 1996 and was last manufactured in july 2014.

the first generation was marketed as the xk8, replacing the xjs and was jaguar's first 8-cylinder model since the daimler 250, introducing the jaguar aj-v8 engine. the second generation xk, noted for its aluminium monocoque bodyshell, was launched in 2006 for model year 2007. both generations were marketed in performance variants, as the xkr.

manufacturerjaguar cars
also calledxk8, xk, xkr
model years1997–2015
assemblycastle bromwich assembly, birmingham, united kingdom
classgrand tourer (s)
body style2-door coupé
2-door convertible
layoutfr layout

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